Die Skelette unter dem Ria Felsdach auf der Insel Malaita, Salomonen

In 2011 Johannes Moser (DAI, KAAK) discovered the site of the Ria Rockshelter. It was thought to be a resting place, but later turned out to be a burial ground. As the place was, in the opinion of the local population, very unusual for a burial site, it was initially thought that the skeletons were remains of those subject to dishonorable disposal. It was even thought that they were victims of cannibalism because several parts of the skeletons seemed to be missing.
Apart from shedding some light on single individuals, anthropological investigations can contribute to the investigation of how and when prehistoric people spread through the pacific region. With the help of epigenetic traits on the skeletons, as well as genetic and isotopic research, more information to these unsolved old questions can be provided.

Eintrag bearbeitet: 01-12-2021