Energetics Calculator for Ancient Buildings – EnCAB (Topoi B-2-9)

This project examines cost-calculation-algorithms which can be applied to the volumes of ancient architecture to explore the temporal, material or energetic ‘cost’ of the steps of that process. Up to now this has been done on an ad-hoc basis, with scholars finding appropriate comparisons. Within this project an online interactive interface  where scholars enter volumetric data from their research is developed.

The project was completed in July of 2018, with the Energetics Calculator available online at http://www.EnCAB.net. The project will continue beyond that date, however, as the code is available on GitHub under a copyleft license (GPL/GNU 3): https://github.com/fabfab1/EnCAB. Additions to the algorithms or the code are more than welcome.

Eintrag bearbeitet: 20-09-2022