Surveying and Limitation (Topoi B-I-1)

Research group B-I-1 researched ways in which spaces are defined and constituted through acquisition and demarcation. One subproject focused on an inquiry into the methods and technological requirements which enabled imperial Roman agrimensores and gromatici to acquire or penetrate private spaces (e.g. with a view to the assignment of property and usage rights) and public spaces (viae publicae). Another project researched the shaping and measuring of social spaces in the societies of ancient Greece and imperial Rome. A third, closely related project explored the public space of ancient Greece – i.e. the classical concept of the public – by means of a systematic analysis of political texts.

Whithin Topoi 2 the research group B-I-1 was continued in research project (B-1-4) Infrastructures from judicial, gromatic and political perspectives and in research project (B-1-5) Edition Miliaria provinciarum Hispanarum (CIL Bd. XVII/1).

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