ECHO – Cultural Heritage Online

The ECHO initiative aims to create an infrastructure to bring cultural heritage on the Internet, and builds up a network of institutions, research projects and other users which provide content and technology for the common infrastructure, with the aim to enrich the “agora” and to create a future Web of Culture and Science.

Last update: 2015

Available in ECHO

  • more than 1000 authors and editors represented by ECHO collections
  • 95 seed collections in several disciplines and thematic fields,
    in particular history of science
  • more than 206,600 catalogued documents
  • more than 890,000 high resolution images
    of historical and cultural source documents and artefacts
  • more than 240 film sequences of scientific source material
  • more than 57,500 full-text page transcriptions in several languages
  • more than 170 institutions from 24 countries worldwide as active knowledge weavers in ECHO
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