The Reception of Greek and Roman Culture in East Asia

Over the past decade, scholars have examined the reception of the ancient Greek and Roman cultures around the globe. This has been done by analyzing the role of ancient Mediterranean culture in a variety of cultural instances; for example post-antique texts and images, ideology and institutions, as well as rituals and practices. The research has been wide-ranging, including examinations, for instance, of Greek tragedy in 20th-century African theatre and Latin poetry in colonial Mexico. Still there has not yet been a project dedicated solely to the reception of Greece and Rome in East Asia. Our project explores the reception(s) of Greek and Roman culture in East Asia from antiquity to the present. In particular, we are interested in the question of how and why ancient Greek and Roman texts, images, and material cultures and the knowledge and ideas contained within them have been transferred, adapted and refigured in East Asian texts, imagery, and cultural artefacts.

Eintrag bearbeitet: 20-09-2023