Resafa-Sergiupolis – Transition from Late Antiquity to Islam (Topoi A-I-3)

As a “doctoral Tandem” Brian Beckers and Christoph Konrad combined archaeological, geoarchaeological and geophysical data obtained in their research to reconstruct the historical water management system and the palaeoenvironmental development in the Resafa area.


  • Brian Beckers, Ancient food and water supply in drylands (Dissertation Freie Universität Berlin 2014)
  • Christoph Konrad, Resafa / ar-Ruṣāfa : ein Palast in der umaiyadischen Kalifen-Residenz Ruṣāfat Hišām: der mārwanidische Qaṣr FP 220 und sein Garten (Dissertation Technische Universität Berlin 2015)
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