Contested body: Metaphors of dominion in Romans 5-8

Paul’s letter to the Romans, particularly Romans 5–8, is permeated with metaphors of dominion, as words such as, rule (βασιλεύω, κυριεύω), enslave (δουλεύω) and liberate (ἐλευθερόω) continually surfaces. In recent decades it has come to light that metaphors are not mere decorative devices, but are in fact pervasive to language. Paul draws on imagery from his time and situation in order to persuade his audience that there is no force or power that can separate believers from the love of God. Within the plenitude of Pauline studies, there has not yet been acoherent investigation concerning these metaphors of dominion to which Paulrefers to in Romans 5–8.

This dissertation project was successfully completed within the Research Group C-2 Space and metaphor in cognition, language, and texts of the Excellence Cluster 264 Topoi.

Eintrag bearbeitet: 21-04-2022