Studies of the Assyrian Royal Narrative’s Transtextual Poetics

In the first part of the study modern inter- and transtextual theories are discussed and evaluated. For the textually pragmatic approach taken in the present study it is most feasible to use the theoretical works of Gérard Genette. Based on the works of Genette a methodology comprising five analytical steps is developed in connection to the theory section. The second part comprises two Neo Assyrian case studies carried out according to the methodology developed in the first part. The thesis closes with a summary and an evaluation of the carried out research, an overview of future research possiblities and an emphasis of the scientific added value provided by the present study.

This dissertation project was successfully completed within the Research Group B-4 Space – Identity – Locality. The Construction of Knowledge related Identity Spaces of the Excellence Cluster 264 Topoi.

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Eintrag bearbeitet: 13-09-2023