Paleogeography of the Mures Alluvial Fan

My doctoral thesis focused on human–environment interactions in the environs of the Late Bronze Age enclosure Corneşti-Iarcuri – the largest known settlement of European prehistory. Varying interactions among humans and the environment were considered on different spatial and temporal scales aiming to enhance our understanding of their impacts on the Holocene development of the landscape in the surroundings of Corneşti-Iarcuri and in which ways they were involved in the formation of the respective archaeological context. Moreover, this thesis aimed at exemplifying how the integration of results from the disciplines of archaeology and geography can be achieved successfully. It was demonstrated that through the application of geoarchaeological and landscape archaeological approaches the point of view of a hitherto purely archaeological research at Corneşti-Iarcuri is extended.

Eintrag bearbeitet: 21-04-2022