Iconography and epigraphy in context

The project focuses on the iconographic and epigraphic study of the votive and funerary stelae and inscriptions of ancient Theveste (Tébessa).

The archaeological remains of this town, including the stelae, show an iconographic fusion of Numidian, Punic, Roman and other civilisations, which can only be explained by the presence of the Legio III Augusta. As for the inscriptions, they provide information about daily and religious life. They also tell us about the political and military situation in the region and the rest of the empire, such as the conflicts and wars that existed between the Roman army and other populations.

The stelae of Theveste have never been the subject of a homogeneous corpus, and this project would be the first. I have developed a methodology in the course of my previous research, which consists of creating a thoughtful catalogue, accompanied by a synthesis.

This project has been granted a research scholarship at the Berliner Antike-Kolleg, with Dr Philipp von Rummel as host. It will be carried out by the German Archaeological Institute and the Free University of Berlin.

Eintrag bearbeitet: 20-09-2023