Archaeological and Geoarchaeological Research in Kazachstan (Topoi A-I-1)

As a doctoral tandem project, Maik Blättermann and Anton Gass were researching the history of Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age settlement and spatial utilization in the Zhetysu region of southeastern Kazakhstan, as well as the changes to the landscape and climate that took place in this period.

Maik Blättermann: Geographie – Das Siebenstromland im Südosten Kasachstans ist reich an archäologischen Hinterlassenschaften der sakischen Kultur (800 Jh. bis 200 Jh. BC). Der geographische Part sollte klären, wie sich die Landschaft entwickelt hat und wie stark der Naturraum durch den Menschen verändert wurde.

Anton Gass: Archaeology – Study site of our geoarchaeological investigation was located at the “Zhetisu”, south-east Kazakhstan, which is characterized by grave monuments. These kurgans are remains of the “Sakes” culture, which inhabited the area in the early Iron Age (1st mill. BC). “Sakes” people are described as mounted warrior nomads and are a part of Scythian culture group in eastern Eurasian steppe belt.

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