Dance on Ancient Cyprus (DAnC)

The aim of this research project, titled Dance on Ancient Cyprus, is to carry out a study of the archaeological evidence of dance on the island of Cyprus. The focus is placed on the investigation of a series of Iron Age terracotta and limestone votive figurines dating to the CG-CC periods, which portray dancers performing a ring dance, often around a central element, like a musician or a tree. The iconography and functionality of these figurines as votives in Cypriot sanctuaries and as a mirror of real dance activities connected to ritual activities will be carefully evaluated. Furthermore, the Cypriot ring dance figurines will serve as a starting point for an exploration of dance as a carrier and storer of religious and cultural knowledge in ancient and modern societies alike, with a particular focus on the long-lasting popularity of ring dances in the cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Eintrag bearbeitet: 18-09-2023