On the forum. Use of Public Space in Ancient Cities of Italy

This Ph.D. project examined the usage of public space in Italic cities and focuses on the pragmatic dimension of architecture. By doing that certain structures of pits found within italic fora are being used to analyse architectural consequences for various perceptions like acoustics, climate control or movement behavior.

Considerations of possible architectural modifications and consequences are not limited to permanent architectural structures, but include also ephemeral architecture. Although they are no longer extant, pits provide clues as to their possible reconstruction. This research project intended therefore not to present a conclusive solution, but rather to stimulate a new understanding of the pragmatic dimension of architecture and its consequences for sensual perception.

This dissertation project was successfully completed within the Research Group C-6 Cityscaping – Literarische, architektonische und urbanistische Modellierungen städtischer Räume of the Excellence Cluster 264 Topoi.

[see also: https://www.topoi.org/project/c-6-1-1/ ]

Eintrag bearbeitet: 02-08-2023