Pompei: Bathing Culture and the Development of Urban Space

The development of a public collective bathing culture in Antiquity impacted directly on the formation of urban space and the socio-cultural function and perception of cities. The existence, location, accessibility, architectural context and infrastructure of public baths reflect changing standards and priorities of urban planning and lifestyle.

While the development of a specific Roman bathing culture in the Late Republican period currently is much debated, this topic is largely neglected in Pompeii, although the city includes three large baths dated to this period (Republican Baths, Stabian Baths, Forum Baths). This project examines the development, function, and cultural and sociohistorical context of the Republican Baths and Stabian Baths at Pompeii and their role in the urban development.

The project was part of the EXC Topoi research group C-6 Cityscaping

[see also: https://www.topoi.org/project/c-6-8/]

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