Localization of intellectual faculties within the body in materialistic theories of soul-body relation (Stoa/Pneumatismus) (Topoi D-2-3)

The aim of project D-2-3 was to investigate Stoic and Pneumatist conceptions of mental processes and illnesses and of the psychology of mental events (place, bodily factors involved, exact mechanisms), and to assess their relation to relevant philosophical and medical contexts. The study focused on the Pneumatist physician Athenaeus of Attalia (1st c. BC), whose works have only survived in fragments. Athenaeus was frequently quoted, especially for his doctrine of elementary physics, his theory of reproduction and his conceptual distinction between various types of causes.  A collection of fragments with translation and commentary was a longstanding desideratum fulfilled by this project.

Eintrag bearbeitet: 21-08-2023